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Are looking to incorporate a new lighting technology into your new home construction or next remodel project? The Solaro Day Daylighting system is for you. Take advantage of not having to use electric during the day to power old CFL or incandescent bulbs when using the Solaro Daylighting system with a solar panel.

During the night, the Solaro Day light can be wired into your existing electrical system and you’ll save 50% to 80% over incandescent or fluorescent lights. The Solaro Day can be combined with the optional Battery Back-up component to work even during the night.

Installation is easy with the Solaro Day Daylighting system. Without the restrictions of tubular skylights. The Solaro Day can be installed virtually anywhere, any floor of any building, without large holes in your roof.

Depending on how many Solaro Day lights you need, they can be wired together and connected to a single solar panel. Even on cloudy days, the light of the Solaro Day is comparable to the brightness of a tubular skylight.

Why you need the Solaro Day Daylighting system!

  • Creates the same daylight as a traditional or tubular skylight.
  • 30% Federal tax credit
  • Simulated natural, healthy sunlight that creates bright, happy spaces with the same full light spectrum as sunlight, without harmful UV rays that cause carpets and furniture to fade.
  • 25 year warranty on solar panel and diffuser. 10 year warranty for the Opto Semiconductors and the light engine.
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Numerous configuration options are available for the Solaro Day including an optional battery backup.

How many Solaro Day Daylights do you need?

Solaro Day Light Output Chart.

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The Solaro Day qualifies for the 30% federal tax credit since the system uses a solar panel to power the lights. The system can be combined with battery backup components to allow you to use the light during the night or if the power is out!