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A Solar Star attic fan costs nothing to operate while protecting your attic from heat and moisture damage when there is inefficient air exchange and ventilation to expel heat and moisture from the attic.

Why do you need a Solar Star attic fan?

  • 30% Federal tax credit
  • Costs nothing to operate!
  • Whisper Quiet while running!
  • No electrical hookup.
  • Protect roof structure.
  • 5 year warranty on motor and solar panel.
  • 10 year warranty on all other components.
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Optional Thermostat Control Switch available to turn on the Attic Fan when the temperature reaches 85 degrees in the attic.

Great for general contractors and roofers who are replacing an old roof and want to offer their customers the option of going green with the Solar Star attic fan. The Solar Star Attic fan qualifies for the 30% Federal tax credit since it uses a solar panel to power the motor. The attic fan can also be installed on existing roofs to provide additional year-round attic ventilation.

In the summer, heat build-up in the attic transfers into your living spaces increasing the temperature in your house and the demand on your air conditioner increasing your utility bills. The Solar Star attic fan will help to reduce air conditioner costs and suppress heat build-up in the attic.

In the winter, the Solar Star will help to reduce heating costs by removing high humidity levels from everyday activities that migrates through the ceiling towards the roof promoting fungal decay, plywood delamination, and insulation saturation from moisture.

A Solar Star attic fan can replace an existing electric attic fan. Attics need protection year round and Solar Star will provide year round protection unlike electric fans which only run when the attic reaches a certain temperature level.

If the customer desires, the Solar Star can be equipped with a optional thermal switch control to start the Attic Fan when the temperature reaches 85 degrees in the attic.

There are multiple ways to mount the Solar Star to maximize the exposure to the sun during the day.

Also available is the Solar Star Gable Fan design.The kit includes 15′ cable for 10-watt solar panel to mount for optimal sun exposure. The gable fan design allows the fan to be mounted inside the attic. A 10-watt solar panel would then be installed on the roof to power the gable fan.

How Many Solar Star attic fans do you need?

  • A 1,200 sq ft attic with a roof pitch up to 4/12 would require 1 Solar Star attic fan.
  • A 2,000 sq ft attic with a roof pitch up to 4/12 would require 2 Solar Star attic fans.

See Residential Quantity Guidelines below for you specific roof size.

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Note: Prices quoted are for installations on asphalt shingle roofs with roof pitches less than 5/12. Additional charges will apply for different roof materials or roof pitches equal to or greater than 5/12.

The product warranty for the Solar Star Attic fan: Solar panel and motor 5 years. The Metal housing, roof flashing bases, fan blade, plastic, rubber or metal seals, gaskets and fasteners are a 10 year warranty.

Prices are subject to change without notice.