Solatube Daylighting System

The Solatube provides so much natural daylight that when there is daylight outside, the customer does not require turning on the artificial electric light. Some customers have even reported that Solatube will glow at night when there is a full moon! After the Solatube is installed, most customers have stated that they will go to turn off the light in the room and find out the light was not even on and it was only Solatube producing the light in the room.

When the Solatube Daylighting system installation has been completed which usually takes about 2-3 hours for the standard installation will allow the customer to start saving on their energy bill the same day the system has been installed. [learn more] or [request a quote]

Solar Star Attic Fan

The Solar Star attic fan is powered by a solar panel which costs the customer nothing to run the fan! The Solar Star attic fan is another quality product brought to you by Solatube Inc. After installing the Solar Star Attic Fan, the fan will begin removing excess heat and moisture build-up from the attic. The Solar Star will run from sunrise to sunset removing heat from your attic and providing a more comfortable living environment inside your home year round and help to reduce your cooling demand from your A/C during the summer.

If you need to replace your old electric attic fan, the Solar Star qualifies for a 30% Federal tax credit. Unlike the typical older electric attic fan, the Solar Star Attic fan is whisper quiet and does not vibrate the roof while running. The Solar Star attic fan has an optional thermal switch feature that will not turn on the fan until the attic has reached a temperature of 85 degrees. [learn more] or [request a quote]

Solaro Day Daylighting – Solaro Energy

The standard Solaro Day Daylighting install takes around 2-3 hours for up to 3 diffusers to be installed. The customer will start to experience savings on their electric bill as soon as the installation has been completed to due to the amount of light output from the Solaro Day and the fact the diffuser is powered from a solar panel. If the Solaro Day is integrated into the existing house electric, the Opto Semiconductor light uses a fraction of the power as the conventional fluorescent or incandescent light bulb. The Solaro Day system is eligible for the 30% Federal tax credit since the system includes a solar panel.

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P.V. Solar Electric

Once your p.v. system has been approved by the utility company and all of the inspections have been completed, your system will start feeding back into the grid and reducing your electric bill. Most people dread when the electric bill arrives in the mail, but after installing a p.v. system, the customer is excited to see how much money has been saved on their electric bill.

In addition to reducing your electric bill, the power company will now pay you for the green energy your system produces during the year. A 4 kw system is estimated to generate between 5-6 SREC credits during the year. Once the system has been approved by the utility company, you will be paid via a third-party SREC broker who sells the credits for you. All you have to do is sit back and let the p.v. system generate your power and the checks come in the mail. [learn more] or [request a quote]