The energy from worldwide sunlight produces 15,000 times more free energy than electricity consumption worldwide! There are numerous alternative energy technologies available today to harness the renewable energy provided by the sun.

This includes Solatube Daylighting, Solar Star Solar Attic Fan, Solaro Daylighting, and P.V. electric systems that can help to reduce your energy bills in your home / business. All of these products are eligible for a Federal Tax credit helping to reduce the cost to the customer. The green technologies have improved significantly over the years and are viable alternative that’s not a pipe dream and is available today.

Not everyone will have the ideal location for the installation of a large solar panel system to go green, but that doesn’t mean that those customers can’t make a difference in reducing their energy footprint by making small energy improvements such as upgrading their insulation, installing a couple of Solatube Daylighting systems or a Solar Star attic fan to help reduce excess heat / moisture in their attic and make their home / business more comfortable year-round.

Not only can all of the products except the p.v. system be installed in a couple of hours to improve the quality and comfort of your home / business, but start saving energy the same day the product is installed.

The cost of a solar panel system may seem overwhelming at first, but there are federal,state and local tax incentives that can reduce the initial cost of the system to make it more appealing to the business / home owner. Depending on your location, a SREC market has been created for p.v. system owners that gives another stream of revenue generated by allowing the system owner to sell the green power produced by their system.

Solar panels help to protect the environment and decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. For example, installing a 2.5 kW residential solar panel system is the equivalent to planting 1 acre of trees. When the panels are installed on the roof, they will absorb the sunlight instead of the roof which helps to reduce the amount of heat transferred into the building. In the summer, it will help lessen the demand on the cooling required from the HVAC system.

Solar power is a low-risk investment that is safer than the stock market. The sun is guaranteed to rise tomorrow, in the stock market there are no guarantees. Buying solar power will reduce your exposure to rising energy costs. It’s like buying 30 years of electricity at a fixed, upfront cost.

Solar power produces no emissions and no noise and will provide clean energy for years with very low maintenance especially when no batteries are used. Most solar panels have warranties are guaranteed to operate at 90% effeciency between 20-25 years! Some panels from the 1950s are still producing electricity.