Solatube Daylighting System

NEW for 2013: eChoice Solatube Qualifies for the 10% Federal tax credit. Accessories not part of tax credit.

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The Solatube is a tubular skylight available in 10″ & 14″ inch diameter that uses Spectralight Infinity tubing which provides 99.7% reflectivity (the most reflective tubing used in Tubular Daylighting Devices) and the purest color rendition possible! Other tubular skylight light brands will have more of a bluish light tint color where the Solatube light output will be more of a pure white light.

Solatube has a LightTracker Reflector (diagram 2 on the right) that is mounted inside the dome and directs low-angle light down the tube and into your living area. If there is day light outside, the Solatube will provide light inside your home.

Standard & eChoice Model

There are 2 different models of the Solatube Daylighting System which are the standard and eChoice model.

The 160DSe & 290DSe are the eChoice models. The eChoice model in Maryland area helps to minimize the amount of heat loss during the winter months. Click on the chart on right to enlarge the diagram.

Where to install?

Dining Rooms, Living Rooms, Kitchens, Home Offices, Arts & Craft Room, Bathrooms, Hallways, Closets,

Laundry Rooms, and any other room in your home that could benefit from a natural daylighting solution.

The Solatube can be customized with different diffusers and lenses to change the lighting effect to meet the customers needs. The Vusion Diffuser is included in with the Solatube kit and will provide light output similar to a recessed light whereas a OptiView Diffuser will spread the light out across the ceiling and help to eliminate dark areas along the edge of the room.

The accessories for the Solatube include a Ventilation Kit ( bathrooms ), Light Kit, and Daylight Dimmer if the Solatube was installed in a bedroom or t.v. room where you may not always want daylight all the time.

The product warranty for all Solatube Daylighting System components is 10 years and 5 years for all electrical components.[learn more] or [request a quote]

Solaro Day Daylighting System – The Skylight That’s Not

The Solaro Daylighting system uses light engines called Opto Semiconductors which are better than LEDs to light dark areas in your home or business. The Solaro Day creates simulated natural light with the same full light spectrum as sunlight, without harmful UV rays that will cause carpets and furniture to fade

Unlike tubular skylights, the Solaro Day does not required a large hole to be cut in the roof or in the ceiling. The light is hooked up to a cable which is attached to a multicrystalline solar panel. The solar panel is designed to collect sun light even on cloudy days and convert it into high-performing simulated daylight.

The Solaro Day can be easily installed in multiple levels of a house without having to worry about where the hole for the skylight would be coming thru the 2nd story of the house into the 1st level. Multiple lights can be tied together and then powered via a single solar panel.

There is an optional battery system that will allow the lights to be used at night via the battery that was charged during the day by the solar panel.

A Solaro Day Light can be wired with a light switch to allow the user to easily turn off the light like a normal light fixture. The light can also be integrated into the normal electric in the house to allow the light to be used at night if the user did not want the battery backup option. When powered by AC they can reduce energy costs 50% to 80%+ compared to incandescent or fluorescent lights.

Since the Solaro Day uses solar panel technology, it’s eligible for a 30% Federal tax credit. The Solaro Day has a 25-year warranty on the solar panel and diffuser, 10-year warranty for the Opto Semiconductors and the light engine.

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